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Dare to Think Purple

Why Purple?

I often get asked this question in response to telling people my company’s name.

It’s simple: Purple is a color most often associated with courage and creativity. I believe that the mindset of the visionary leaders and social entrepreneurs who will shape the future must be grounded equally in both. We need courage to stare down obstacles and creativity to see beyond what’s obvious in discovery of bold solutions.

To think purple is to be consciously attuned to the power and necessity of elevating human stories

because we know that locked within our personal and collective narratives lies the potential for

radical change. We who dare to think purple look courageously beyond what divides us in search of

creative solutions rooted in our shared humanity.

But there’s more to “purple thinking.” To think purple, one must develop certain habits and dispositions. A purple thinker seeks Clarity. She knows herself and understands who she in the world. She must also gain Confidence, practicing authenticity without apology. Finally she must hone the ability to build and sustain Community, holding space for others, while drawing support at the right moments and from the right people to propel her vision forward.

“Dare to Think Purple: The Female Founder’s Guide to Purple Thinking” explores five themes--

Courage, Creativity, Clarity, Confidence, and Community-- through the real stories of real women in various stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

These eight women, though incredibly accomplished, aren’t famous (at least not yet). No two have the same story, but they all “think purple.” Their stories provoke us to do so the same.

Erica challenges us to listen for the faintest whispers that may point toward our true ambition

and purpose and to know and demand what we’re worth.

Nita urges us to live free, just as we were meant to live and to relish each experience that contributes to our creative process — even the painful ones.

Julia illuminates the path to making a living doing what we love. Spoiler: Sometimes it requires making tough trade-offs to create opportunity.

Genevia teaches us how to get out of our own way and through faith and hard work, make our dreams a reality starting right now.

Katie shows us what it looks like to let our values lead us toward our purpose and gives moms a new mantra for work and life.

Lara expands our definition of community and challenges us to be open to adventure, to embrace discomfort, and to celebrate our diversity and shared humanity.

Clarissa reveals that our true source of power is the resilience we develop by pushing through adversity and she charges us to live confidently in our gifts.

Laura reminds us to be kind to ourselves and to let go of whatever unreasonable expectations we’ve been holding onto.

Each essay in the collection was written and edited with great care. I hope these stories will inspire you to #DaretoThinkPurple.

Danielle Kristine Toussaint, founder + CEO of She Thinks Purple, is a storyteller, strategist and social impact leader. She has been the writing pen behind op-eds and speeches for Huffington Post,, and TEDx. Danielle holds a B.A. in Political Science and African American Studies from Yale University and a M.S.Ed from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. She’s a founding member of Tide Risers and excited to expand the network to Washington, D.C. in 2019.

Photo credit: Stoica Ionela on Unsplash

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