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"In our culture, we make it feel like you’re either a success or a failure- and that if you fail, that’s it. But it’s just not true. Everyone loves a comeback.”

-Sallie Krawcheck

The pursuit of perfectionism is a losing game, and I should know because I've been playing...

According to the internet, we have Horace Walpole to thank for the addition of the word “serendipity” to the English lexicon. He first used the word in a letter to Horace Mann penned on January 28, 1754, noting that he derived the term from a “silly fairy tale.” Said f...

I founded She Thinks Purple one year ago. I now know what I was seeking was #freedom, not #control when I made the decision to finally strike out as an entrepreneur-- with no plans of ever returning to a "day job."

Like many new founders, I thought what I needed most wa...

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