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May 29, 2018

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#MeToo and Necessity Entrepreneurship

November 10, 2017


“But I also did not know that there was a world in which anybody would care about my experience with him. You see, I was entering into a community that Harvey Weinstein had been in, and even shaped, long before I got there. He was one of the first people I met in the industry, and he told me, ‘This is the way it is.’ And wherever I looked, everyone seemed to be bracing themselves and dealing with him, unchallenged. I did not know that things could change. I did not know that anybody wanted things to change.” — Lupita Nyong’o

In recent weeks each time I have logged onto a computer or scrolled through my newsfeed on any device, I have been unfortunately (maybe even a little embarrassingly), consumed by the revelations of gross sexual misconduct, bullying, and harassment in Hollywood. But it’s not just celebrity news.


As I’ve scrolled through my timeline, my eyes have immediately darted to the countless #metoo. These stories, shared by far too many brilliant women that I personally know, have overwhelmingly been admissions to the silent shame and confusion they’ve experienced due to the inexcusable conduct of men and boys in their lives.


Every so often news breaks about allegations against a rich, powerful man and his mistreatment of famous women, and society turns its collective gaze toward the issue. Then it gets quiet. Men go back to being men, and women go back to dealing with their uneven power dynamics in work (and according to the #metoo